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A new era. has been formed to capitalize on the unique and powerful capacity of the internet to secure information. The goal is to provide immediate access to authoritative information and materials on substance abuse, useful to health and human service professionals, educators and their students, and those in public policy.

Not everyone one has the access to or the time available to read the scholarly journals, or doesn't have ready access to someone who can translate some of these materials as well as separate out the factual from the faddish. The purpose of is to help deal with this dilemma. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Beyond being able to search databases to find original scholarly work, effort is also directed to pulling together and synthesizing this information in a form that is useful to busy clinicians, and can be trusted to represent best practices.

A brief history.

Project Cork was founded at Dartmouth Medical School in 1977, through a grant from the Operation Cork, an arm of the Kroc Foundation. Its mission was to develop a model alcohol curriculum that could be adapted and adopted by other medical schools nationally. The project was organized as a school-wide initiative, and was implemented in a step-wise fashion, beginning with the class that entered in 1978. For the details see Project Cork: A Case History in Curriculum Development. It sets forth the philosophy, the process used, the obstacles encountered, the changes introduced, and the effectiveness of different strategies. Publications by and about this effort are listed below, as well as the model curriculum developed. To provide consultation to the project and a real life laboratory for exploring what would be entailed in transplanting the curriculum elsewhere, a five school consortium was formed.- with a mix of educational institutions - large and small, public and private, old and new, racial/ethnic diversity, and regions of the country.

A unique body of experience and materials were developed by Project Cork. At the completion of the initial project, the Joan B Kroc Foundation, created the Project Cork Institute at Dartmouth Medical School to continue serving as a national resource for efforts nationally. Efforts then expanded beyond undergraduate medical education to included: issues on the college campus, the creation of Weekend Program for assessment and education for alcohol problems, and an international exchange with the then Soviet Union.

Publications by Cork

  • Project Cork: A Case Study in Designing and Implementing an Alcohol Curriculum for Medical Education
    By: Kinney J; Price TRP; Whybrow PC; Linsey S. Hanover NH: Project Cork Institute, Dartmouth Medical School, 1986 (Chapter refs.)     HTML   PDF

  • Medical students' conflicting perceptions of alcoholic patients
    By: Bergen BJ; Price TRP; Kinney J. Journal of Medical Education 55(11): 954-956, 1980

  • A perspective on medical students' perceptions of alcoholics and alcoholism
    By Kinney J; Bergen BJ; Price TRP. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 43(5): 488-496, 1982. (10 refs)     PDF

  • Impediments to alcohol education.
    By: Kinney J; Price TRP; Bergen BJ. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 45(5): 453-459, 1984. (17 refs)

  • A model alcohol program for the college health service.
    By: Kinney J; Peltier D. Journal of American College Health 34(5): 229-233, 1986. (14 refs.)

  • A sampler of alcohol literature.
    By: Rolett V; Kinney J. Journal of American College Health 36(2): 132-135, 1987. (19 refs)

  • Selected resources on alcohol and alcoholism for college health services
    By: Rolett V; Kinney J. Journal of American College Health 36(2): 136-139, 1987

  • Alcohol use and alcohol problems: Clinical approaches for the college health service.
    By: Kinney J; Meilman PW. Journal of American College Health 36(2): 73-82, 1987. (17 refs.)

  • The Busy Physicians' Guide to the Management of Alcohol Problems.
    By: Jean Kinney. Chicago: American Medical Association, Department of Substance Abuse and NIAAA, 1988.    HTML   PDF

  • Bibliography and Resource Guide on Alcohol and Other Drugs for Social Work Educators.
    By Kinney J; Kurzman P. Rockville MD: OSAP, 1989 (248 refs.)

  • Statement to President's Panel on Health Care Reform
    Sixteen signatories. (J Kinney editor). Hanover NH: Project Cork Institute, 1993.    HTML   PDF

  • How to Organize and Operate an ATOD Information Center (North American Guide )
    Hanover HH. Project Cork Institute, 1995. pdf format.

    Prepared by Project Cork Institute in collaboration with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, the U.S. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), and Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists (SALIS).

Publications about Cork

  • Kirn TF. Prevention important in Soviet anti-alcohol efforts, but medical treatment also emphasized.
    Journal of the American Medical Association 258(19): 2634-2635, 1987.

  • Kirn TF. Soviets, Americans Allied in new war; Common foe this time: Alcohol abuse.
    Journal of the American Medical Association 258(18): 2480-2481+, 1987

  • Kirn TF. Soviets attack alcohol problem anew, this time armed with 'perestroika'.
    Journal of the American Medical Association 258(17): 2341-2343+, 1987

  • Holden C. The neglected disease in medical education: Medical schools are finally teaching about alcoholism.
    Science 229(4715): 741-742, 1985

Curriculum Materials

Publisher of

Jean Kinney is the publisher of She's been involved in the alcohol and substance abuse field for almost 30 years. Jean was the Co-Director of Project Cork and the Executive Director of the Project Cork Institute which was its sucessor, until it's closing in 1998. At that time she began working with the State of Vermont's Offic of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs. In addition to her work in medical education, she has been involved in alcohol counselor training and in clinical programs. Jean has authored three books: Loosening the Grip: A Handbook of Alcohol Information, now in its 7th edition, and which grew out of the alcohol counselor training program; A Clinical Manual of Substance Abuse, directed to primary care providers which was on outgrowth of the Cork education efforts; and Understanding Alcohol for the general public. The latter is no lnger in print and may re-appear in a new improved version on this site. Jean has received a number of honors. Understanding Alcohol was selected by the American Medical Writers Association as the #2 Book of Year when it was published, and Clinical Manual of Substance Abuse named as the Bookof the Year by the American Nursing Association. In 1999, Jean was named as the the first recipient of the Senator Harold Hughes Award, bestowed by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Senator Hughes was the major force behind the creation of the National Institutes on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The Hughes award is to recognize the individual who had made a substantial contribution in efforts to transfor clinical research into practice. is very much in keeping with that tradition. Jean Kinney is a member of the faculty of Dartmouth Medical School, in the Department of Community and Family Medicine.